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industrial design bachelor THESIS PROJECT
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Daily, 8 out of 10 people suffer from low back pain. It is not possible to operate for all diseases because the origins of such pain are different. But if the latter comes from stress, muscle pain or something similar, design has its meaning.


The theme of the process is water. Interpreted as an Archè, by following the philosopher Talete, the design process was completed with total freedom. Personally, having this disease, I have decided to design something capable to contrast the low back pain.


Ideare un oggetto medicale, volto all’equilibrio tra design e utilità. Non vi è la possibilità di progettare per risolvere le patologie a livello clinico, perchè sarebbe fuori contesto dell’ambito del design, ma bensì si può operare nell’uso quotidiano in modo innovativo. 


The idea comes from the inspiration in designing a medical object balanced between design and utility. There is no possibility to solve pathologies at a clinical level because it would be out of the context of the design practice but is possible to operate in everyday use innovatively. So, why not follow this path?


The product is a massaging belt that performs a repeatable rub for a short time, specifically designed for users who suffer from low back pain. The object works thanks to a smartphone app and the use of water. The theme of the thesis was water and from this point, the design process started with long research about the etymology of the word and about water itself.

After that I chose to operate in the medical design universe, designing an ergonomic and dynamic brace. The biggest challenge was to change the reputation of the braces and give them another image because users and doctors find them unuseful.
MOM’YT is the sum of a lot of innovative and technical aspects, especially as it introduces a new way of water’s usage. Thanks to this, MOM’YT gained a nomination for ADI Design Index in 2016 and it was patented by the S.I.B (Italian Society of Licenses) thanks to the TTO Office of Polytechnic of Milan in the same year.


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