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Eveline is an Italian alternative metal band in constant evolution, looking for a cyberpunk style. Everyone knows that the metal bands choose a black and dark way to communicate their music and image, Eveline instead, runs on another path made by bright and madness and traced by the Japanese mangas.

For this project, accurate analysis of the communication strategies of other metal bands has been done, creating something unique and original. A handwrote logotype perfectly match a cyberpunk style: this one is used to define everything for the band, like video clips, merchandise, website, communication strategies and albums’ covers.

other info

Especially about the video clips, I am collaborating with Luca Gipponi, another talented designer and photographer, to create something astonishing and never seen. In our collaboration called Studio Oida, we are designing each phase of this communication strategy for Eveline. More information will be available soon on a specific page.

For each step, we get inspiration from competitors, films and stories, looking for a web of contacts, locations, clothes and feelings, defining all the details, storyboarding and mixing different techniques of filming and animation.


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